Friday, December 15, 2006

Praying for Unavailability

So, we lost, guys. I did not have the greatest number of votes among the senior class's ballots, though I'm told I was very well represented. Details are not available yet (if they ever will be), since the highest vote-getter will need to be contacted by the Dean to see if he or she is available to speak on February 3, 2007. Wisely, the ensorcelling registrar did not tell me who finished ahead, lest they have an "accident"...

What is clear is that we ran a good campaign, fought hard for what we believed in, and will now pray that the winner declines to speak. If anyone wants to preemptively start getting rid of everyone who was on the list, I very much discourage it. You hear? If anyone started a campaign of nominee cleansing, I would very much frown on it.

An election postmortem will follow, as will my advice to the speaker-elect. Until the new speaker is announced (and our chance for victory is 100% extinguished), I will keep the banner of this site as encouragement for my loyal army of Chrischuns out there. Keep the faith, and always wear clean underwear.