Saturday, April 22, 2006

I didn't want to work for you anyway

I don't know if you caught the evening news 'round here, but it was interesting. Telling, perhaps were a couple of things. First, neither network had the journalistic stones to mention that it was all at the behest of Dean Toben for his kid. They copped out with "faculty member" or "school official." Second, a crotchety patronizing "prom parent" named Fred Brown gave some interesting insight as to the ilk whose Hummer-driving progeny spawned this fiasco. "Back when I was in law school, I didn't have time to be sitting around outside. I had to actually go study." And then I liked his comment about how "I guess they like to sit around and watch the prom kids...they probably miss it."

I don't know if Mr. Brown is a big Waco lawyer, great friend of the Tobens, a large contributor to the law school, or even a graduate of Baylor, but I do know that he came across like a smug curmudgeonly fool, emphasis on a-hole. I bet if you asked him, he'd tell you about the uphill climb he had to and from school, in the snow, etc. etc. And then he'd laugh and offer to buy you a beer while you talk about the good old days before law schools had "entrance requirements" and things like the LSAT. Oh well. If he's who's going to be trotted out to defend l'affaire Toben in tomorrow's Trib, I suspect the spoiling has-beens of Waco will be firmly in their camp.

But wait, it's still l'affair unnamed school official.