Thursday, March 23, 2006

For the last time

Prof. Contracts told us in Professional Responsibility today that tomorrow will be his last time to teach the "Battle of the Forms" in Contracts. Actually, I was surprised he called it that, as in a testament to how much his disdain for the term was carried across, I still remember it as "Acceptance Varying the Offer." And they say you don't remember any of the substantive law of the first year. Just don't ask me anything about easements or landlord-tenant crap.

He said if we were free at 8:00am to come sit in for his valedictory go-round on 2-207. That's a real Hobson's choice there, isn't it? Contracts or PC? Apparently there is a new 2.207 in the latest version of the UCC, and the Texas Legislature might very well adopt it this coming session. Prof. Contracts was relieved at not having to teach it, as he thinks it's, um, not as good as the current one.

So I'm sorry, Prof. Contracts, that I won't be able to be there for acceptance varying the offer. I've got probate court jurisdiction to learn.

But if it helps, trust me, I'd rather be there. And I'm also sorry to say, I'm glad the Cubans lost. Communism doesn't pay.