Sunday, March 26, 2006


The Baylor Lady Bears lost to the Maryland (Lady?) Terrapins in the Sweet Sixteen last night. Thus ends their title defense, and thus begins the perennial cheer of Baylor athletics..."yeah, but now it's baseball [or tennis or track] season!" Then again, last year we finally made it to the College World Series and won a few games (eliminating Oregon State), only to be eliminated by a Texas team that would go on to win the championship behind MLB rookie of the year Huston Street. He did win, right?

Anyway, now that basketball in Waco is officially over 'til next winter, we can focus on the big things. Like how much ass the PC II softball team is going to kick this summer. Oh yes, we'll be back seeking our third title in six quarters. Hope you've enjoyed the respite, kids. Our manager, Prof. Contracts is a ballsy sonofagun. And, like the Cubans, we'll play selfless, fundamentally sound ball. With beer. Lots of beer.