Wednesday, November 09, 2005

SOAH and stuff

Today was the first day of my externship with SOAH (the State Office of Administrative Hearings) and it was LAPPtastic. Prof. LAPP is a god down there, and I don't mean the fire-and-brimstone kind, I mean the kindly-old-man-who's-lovingly-off-his-meds kind. I had lunch with one Administrative Law Judge who is a Baylor Law graduate--of Muldrow Practice Court vintage--and I'll be working on a research project for another Baylor lawyer--this one from the Matt Dawson era of Practice Court. They were curious as to whether PC was still PC, and I had to answer honestly "I don't know, but we're all afraid of it." They said that was good enough for them.

It was an interesting experience, and I'm going to learn more about water rights and endangered creatures than I ever cared to know, but the prospect of drafting a proposal for decision (which is more often than not adopted by the agency) is kind of cool. Cool in a law dork kind of way, but hey, it's what I traffic in. Speaking of which, can you believe John Marshall in Osborn? He like totally controverted his position in Cohens in a self-serving give-me-more-jurisdiction power grab. Yeah, that kind of law dork cool.

Tomorrow is day two of my three classes, as well as my first foray into judging a practice round of a Baylor interscholastic moot court team. All I can say, kids, is to know your shit, 'cause I'm going to have you thinking the Takings Clause is a Vietnamese takeout item. And don't get me started on Rooker-Feldman.

In case you hadn't noticed, Rooker-Feldman is the word(s) of the quarter. Say it. It's fun.