Friday, September 02, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

Capping off the long weekend is Labor Day, the national holiday whereupon we celebrate Florida State's perpetual inability to beat Miami. Fortunately, I remembered that the Law School closes this time, so I was able to print out the five reams of cases and law review articles I'll need for the weekend. Last year, during the Watson & Crod Moot Court Competition, I was caught unawares and had to spend the long weekend doing nothing but watching football. It was sad.

As for classes, what can I say? BizOrg is BizOrg, T&E is a 65-minute papercut in the brain, and Consumer Protection is smooth sailing. I can honestly say I wish neither death nor dismemberment on any of my professors, though it is just the second week. Oh, how about this. I got into the last open seat in Prof. CrimLaw's Supreme Court Seminar, which could potentially be a very dangerous thing. A weekly chance to pontificate and be called "Mr. Justice?" Maybe I can get the ladyfriend to address me as such...