Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Some tips for the first quarters

Sadly, the only class the 1Qs have that we've already taken is CivPro. I say 'sadly' because that's the only class on which we can speak with authority when it comes to helpful hints. Although, technically, until grades come back, all of our advice is suspect. Nevertheless, here are a few in-class tips I have for those in Summer 2004's CivPro.

1. Know your pleadings. Know everything about them--particularly the form requirements for the Answer. Pennoyer isn't that big a deal. You'll probably only spend a couple class periods on it anyway.

2. Focus on in rem jurisdiction. The mechanics of quit claim deeds are also a high priority. No joke.

3. When called upon, be absolutely certain of your answer before speaking. If this means flipping furiously through your casebook and telling the prof to "hold on a sec" with your finger held up, so be it.

4. Rule 11. 'Nuff said.

5. Whenever there's a reference to Yoda, raise your hand and ask, "Are you sure that wasn't Mr. Miyagi, professor?"

6. Cases in the notes are optional reading. Don't fall for the 1Q prank when he "kicks you out" for not preparing them--he's just seeing how gullible you are. Remain in your seat and laugh so he knows you're in on it.

And I can't believe they won't let me be someone's law buddy 'til next quarter.