Monday, April 05, 2004

One Shining Moment

Here's why I wish our classes were filmed:

At the end of the quarter, they'd gather all us 1Ls, pull down the film screen, and play a highlight reel of our classmates' slam dunk answers. In the background we could have some cheesy inspirational song, of course, or maybe a voiceover reading from Vince Lombardi or something. Some of the clips would be in slow-motion (hands shooting up, arms gesticulating while returning the professor's salvo point for point), while later there could be a fast montage of several students each saying a word (in different contexts), put together like:


"--the Statute--"

"--of limitations--"

"--had not run..."

"...had not run..."




It would be great. There's some debate about just how long our class's highlight compilation would be. Perhaps we should go for more of a blooper motif. I know I'm good for at least a couple of those. Can you say "reverse leasehold derivative of livery of seisin?" :)