Tuesday, April 06, 2004

King, Garza, Rively & Me

Tomorrow at 10:15am, I'm going to watch the 5th Circuit hear oral arguments on some case involving arbitration. I should link to (or actually read) the summary and issue, but alas, it's after midnight and the memo's sucked my brain out my ears with a straw. Ewww. Anyway, I'm looking forward to learned members of the bar being stood up like common 1Ls by even more learned members of the bar. (Sidebar: are judges still members of the bar? I mean, I'm sure they're still in the Bar Association, but in the conversational "blah blah of the plaintiff's bar" usage, it would seem that judges are distinct. In addition, can a judge serve as counsel in a matter in another jurisdiction? Interesting. It hurts to be so ignorant.)

I'm also picking up a balloon animal gavel (not an animal, I know) from one of the clowns outside the courtroom. Score.