Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Are you a lover or a fighter?

Ask yourself these questions. We at SoTheBearSays certainly won't cast the first stone. Maybe the second or third, but definitely not the first.

If someone asked to see your notes from class (one or two days' worth), would you let them?

If someone asked to see your 'questions presented' for your LARC memo rough draft, would you let them?

If someone asked to see your outline for ____, would you let them?

If someone were to peek in your direction, is your first instinct to furiously cover your papers?

If someone asked you if you thought we're "all in this together," would you say something to the effect of 'that's not what opposing counsel will say'?

If someone asked you if you thought you were a good person, would you say yes?


To head off the not-exactly-a-paucity of emails at the pass, I'm not asking anyone for their notes, outlines, or memo help. In fact, I think that what makes it from your head to your laptop is pretty much only comprehensible by you. I was just commenting on the sea change I've been hearing stories about--cagey answers to questions that were being answered fully just weeks ago, the holding of notes close to the chest when classmates pass by, etc. Also, as per the LARC memo 'questions presented' thing, there is indeed a very distinct difference between asking someone's help in refining one's thinking and reading their memo. I haven't heard of the latter happening.

And finally, I'm not running for the office of Class Conscience--God knows I'm hardly qualified. Everyone's just getting crankier (myself included) and I'm afraid we might start to consider that a virtue.