Friday, January 09, 2004

Passport to the Legal Community

Part of the registration ritual here at Baylor Law Shizzle is a little directory they put together of everyone entering in your quarter, in my case, 55 souls. This has your name, hometown, etc. as well as a 2x2 photograph. Since I threw out my passport photo as "unrepresentative," I've got to go have one taken sometime today or tomorrow. How quaint.

Seriously though, I wonder what the law student body looks like. Are they pretty much like undergrads in the ratio of hotties to trolls? Or do we all look smarter and more ambitious (i.e. no hacky-sack dreadlock dudes), with suits or "[Insert your university here] Law" shirts? In my daydreams, law school is a place full of guys who are tools that sequester themselves in the library and alpha female types that work too hard to primp and preen but manage that effortless, weary-intellectual sort of beauty. And then there's the stress-relief sex. Lots of it.

I'm pretty sure they're yanking my chain on that one, though.